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Good health should never take a sick day.


Today, America’s workforce has a greater need for effective, accessible lifestyle and healthcare management than ever before.   Often, despite good intentions, internal stressors and negative behaviors adversely affect employees attempts at healthier living, resulting in frustration and goal abandonment. This burden is placed on employers who are trying to maximize workforce productivity while minimizing healthcare related costs.


At Quadrant365, we recognize this struggle and have responded with Employee Well-Being 365, a unique system that inspires employees to become active participants in their healthcare management.

Through 24/7 support, motivational coaching and proactive check-ins, our team of dedicated professionals empower employees to take complete control of their health by eliciting non-disruptive behavior changes for permanent adoption.

"Employee well-being is the driving force behind a productive workplace.  Over the years we've seen this time and again, and it's why we are so passionate about creating custom solutions to meet each clients' needs."

-Laura Dinsmore

CEO, Quadrant365

Our team is available 24/7 to keep your employees informed, motivated and on-track with their unique health and wellness goals.

Medical Care Management

Injury triage

Acute and chronic disease management

Medication management

Medical record consolidation

Health status tracking and monitoring

     (allergies, immunizations, medications)

Preventative care

Wellness Tracking

Fitness coaching

Lifestyle management

Nutrition counseling

Functional Movement Screening assessment



Healthcare Navigation & Resources


Provider collaboration

Specialist referrals

Questions and consultation


Healthcare Navigation
Lifestyle Management
Medical Care Management



Harnessing the power of technology, Quadrant365's unique system connects with employees over a variety platforms, tracking each interaction and its outcome.  Through detailed compilation of notes and follow-up initiatives, we are able see a more comprehensive picture of each employee's case, deliver highly-tailored care plans and facilitate improved outcomes.


Follow Lisa on her journey with Quadrant365:

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