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As the employer-sponsored healthcare scene continues to adapt to macroenvironmental changes, Quadrant365 is here to help you along the way.

The future of healthcare is transforming as we speak.  Goals are now centered on improving value for employees while containing or lowering costs. 


At Quadrant365, we understand the delicate balance between health, safety and well-being and how a disruption in one area can lead to troubles in another.


Our system ensures that employees are more fully managed, particularly in times of accidents, injuries, and/or severe chronic conditions, all of which take time away from productive work and contribute to escalating healthcare costs.


The professionals at Quadrant365 recorgnize that the incremental changes made by healthcare leaders and policy makers aren't enough for employers to stay abreast - let alone ahead - in this turbulent environment.


Traditional healthcare models are supplier driven, determined by the volume and profitability of services rendered by physicians.  The shift towards value-based partnerships is an attempt to control costs by moving to a more demand-based model, focused on delivering the appropriate care necessary to achieve optimal outcomes.


But does this truly address the root cause?  What if the problem isn't always your employees?  What if the reason for increased healthcare spending is a result of their workspace, job hazards or other external forces?


Quadrant365's success is attributed to our understanding of the intricate relationships that exist between the various personal and environmental factors your employees are subject to.  


Our ability to closely collaborate with employers and understand their unique company culture allows us to deliver comprehensive oversight to mutually reinforcing health and safety activities at the employee level.


By creating safer work environments, injuries can be avoided.  Through more efficient injury and chronic disease management, absenteeism is reduced.  Overall well-being is promoted and productivity therefore maximized. Bottom-line savings become evident when all areas are addressed and work in harmony with one another.


Healthcare Paradigm Shift







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