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Having out-of-work employees is frustrating enough - don't add insult to injury with exacerbating insurance costs.


From accident onset to case close, Quadrant365 provides comprehensive and accessible workers compensation care management, around the clock.  We are involved in every step of the recovery process to ensure that no one falls through the cracks, that appropriate care is delivered and unnecessary care avoided.


By immediately connecting with employees, Quadrant365 care managers are able to initiate early intervention strategies that expedite employees’ safe return-to-work.  Our proactive approach ensures employees receive the medical attention they need and employers gain an ally in controlling workers compensation costs.

"Of course we're all about prevention, but if there's an incident, our first priority lies in immediately communicating with the employee.  We understand it's a domino effect; you set everything up in the beginning in order to influence the best possible outcome." 

-Laura Dinsmore

CEO, Quadrant365

Our medical care managers take a personal interest in each employee's recovery journey, helping to reduce the costs of absenteeism and re-injury.

Injury & Illness Management

Injury triage

Early intervention strategies

Modified duty programs

Return-to-work verification


Manage referrals

Consistent follow-up with employees

Communicate with external parties


Absence Monitoring

Workers compensation cases


STD/LTD disability management

Absence Monitoring
Injury & Illness Management
Increase Savings
Decrease Waste


Lost productivity

Unnecessary care

Escalating claims costs

Comprehensive case oversight

Control over recovery process

Accessibility to quality care

Expedite return-to-work


Adding-Value While Minimizing Cost

Not all cases are clear cut.  See examples of the various scenarios our professionals are experienced in dealing with:

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