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A robust and effective occupational health and safety strategy should start at the top – with a strong corporate medical director.


Setting the precedent for uniform, quality care, Quadrant365’s corporate medical directors ensure the highest standards of health and safety are achieved, whether it’s after-hours or across multiple worksites.  Working closely with employers, our medical directors manage the strategic development of occupational health policies and procedures that are tailored to each company’s unique environment.

"In addition to being board-certified in occupational and environmental medicine, we innately understand the specific needs and requirements of every industry.  This is what we live, it’s our specialty."

-Britt Hatfield, MD, MBA, MPH, MRO, FACOEM

Chief Medical Officer, Quadrant365

Along with actively promoting a culture of health, safety and well-being, our medical directors serve as liaison for clinical matters with external parties.

Policies & Procedurs

Policies & Procedures

Develop health and safety-related SOPs

Establish occupational health best practices

Establish incident and loss control procedures

Define medical surveillance protocols

Evaluation & Consultation

Workplace hazards and health risks

Environmental data and industrial hygiene

Pandemic preparedness

Toxicology and chemical exposure

Biological monitoring measures


Evaluation & Consultation


Our medical directors possess extensive knowledge and experience across a variety of industries and are licensed in almost every state. 


They provide expert input on shaping the programs and policies that are needed to identify, prevent and control risks that threaten employees, as well as the community at large.  By reducing the risk of workplace incidents, employers not only see an immediate impact on their bottom line, but also lower their workers compensation MOD rate over time.

Employee injury and illness prevention is the first line of defense against unnecessary spending.

See us in action.  Read about some potential workplace scenarios and what our professionals do to ensure everyone's safety:

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