Control healthcare spending in the workplace by virtually coordinating medical, safety and well-being initiatives after hours or across remote locations, 24/7/365.


Sometimes, accidents happen; and sometimes, they happen overnight or in the field.


At Quadrant365, we understand how health, safety and well-being work together not only to improve your employees’ standard of living, but your bottom line as well.  Our 24/7 virtual care management system allows our professionals to deliver immediate and comprehensive services in the areas of occupational medicine, OSHA recordkeeping, workers compensation coordination and well-being, ensuring that employees receive efficient care around-the-clock.


Our board-certified medical professionals collaborate closely with you to develop multi-tiered preventive and management strategies customized to your company’s unique environment.  We provide the medical oversight, infrastructure and consultation necessary to keep your workforce operating at full capacity.

To unite the various stakeholders in workplace health, safety and well-being through value-based strategies focused on your company’s most valuable asset: its employees.


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