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Good health should never take a sick day.

Today, America’s workforce has a greater need for effective, accessible healthcare and condition management than ever before.  This burden is placed on employers who are trying to maximize workforce productivity while minimizing healthcare related costs.


At Quadrant365, we recognize this struggle and have responded with Employee Well-Being 365, a unique system that empowers employees to become active participants in their healthcare management.  Our three-fold approach addresses some of the biggest issues in quality care to help deliver positive medical and financial outcomes:



Getting in touch with your PCP can be close to impossible and trying to navigate the healthcare system on your own is overwhelming.  Our professionals are available 24/7 to answer any questions employees may have regarding injury or illness, health insurance or recognized centers for care.  By providing immediate assistance, issues are resolved more quickly and employees can get on with their lives.




We all know that making a change is difficult and sticking with that change…even more so.  Our professionals work with employees to assess their current health standing, identify areas for improvement and establish realistic wellness strategies.  We offer personalized, one-to-one health coaching along the way for added support and motivation. 


Our employee-facing portal compliments these interpersonal efforts by providing user-friendly tools and applications to track and visualize progress.



What can we do for your company?

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Engage your employees.  Our portal offers a wide array of health assessment and tracking tools and is accessible on any device.  Learn more:

Employee well-being is the driving force behind a productive workplace.  Over the years we've seen this time and again, and it's why we are so passionate about creating custom solutions to meet each clients' needs.



- Laura Dinsmore

CEO, Quadrant365


On both personal and enterprise-wide levels, chronic disease management poses one of the biggest challenges to workforce health and productivity.  Quadrant365 eliminates this challenge with our proprietary care coordination system.  Following a project management approach, our certified professionals leverage voluntarily supplied medical information with automated technology to help employees effectively manage multiple conditions, treatment plans and medications.


While other wellness plans tend to focus on healthy employees, Quadrant365 is designed to help employees who don't fit within this range.  We help such individuals to reduce risks through tactics and strategies that improve overall health standing, increased productivity, and overall standard of living.

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