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At Quadrant365, it is our goal to provide the infrastructure necessary to unite all stakeholders in employee health, safety and well-being. 

In order to help employers more efficiently meet business objectives, our software system employs a project management approach to medical and care coordination.  We balance time, budget and quality to free up valuable internal resources for our clients.  Our technology consolidates every medical and lifestyle management program in which an employee is involved.  This allows our professionals to focus on developing personalized medical best practices for keeping your employees productive and at work.


It's all about employee experience.

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Our old fashioned values combined with modern technology compliment the critical relationship between an individual and a caregiver.  In doing so, our platform is able to help patch the gaping holes in today’s health care system.

- Skip Schwartz

Executive VP, Global Business Development




The key to our employee-centered approach is our web-based portal, which facilitates two-way communication and interaction with our team.  Employees create digital profiles that our professionals can access to deliver timely, comprehensive care coordination.  In addition, employees also have the option of voluntarily submitting care plans and records from multiple providers into a single, secure location.  Our team is experienced at assisting employees in proactively managing multiple, on-going conditions while providing wellness tools and resources to promote positive behavioral change.


Our strategic agenda at Quadrant365 is to unite employee and employer interests in healthcare by focusing on employees and measuring success in their terms.  In doing so, we are embracing the industry-wide shift towards value-based healthcare: a system designed to achieve maximum results for employees at the lowest cost to employers.

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